Offical Striper Fishing Outings

The purpose of the Striper Club as defined in our club by-laws is to enhance the fellowship of its members through the sport of striper fishing.  To that end, the Lake Gaston Striper Club will hold 16 Striper outings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from late March to early November.  The fishing committee continues to use the main elements of the LGSC by-laws to develop the rules and regulations for our fishing season with consideration of board member and individual club member input. The committe then establishes a set of parameters for our fishing season each year. Points will be awarded for both participation and the first 4 legal stripers caught durring each outing.  At the end of the year, awards will be given for based on cumulative points and largest fish caught.

Lake Gaston Striper Club Fishing Outing Rules

THE POINT SYSTEM: (For striper outings only)
            There are 2 kinds of points that may be earned.

A. Participation:
            Two points are earned by any club member in good standing ( i.e. dues paid) who fishes in any official club outing. Note: Youth and non-club members do not earn participation points.

B. Fish Points:
            Two points will be earned for each Legal Striper caught up to 4 fish max.
                  (8 points)
            Legal Stripers - October 1 to May 31 (20” min.).  June 1 to Sept. 30 (12")

         All Stripers caught must be properly reported on the outing report card filled out by each boat Captain and each Member who fished.  Both of whom must be present at the check-in
Check in will be at Morning Star Marina.
You must Report to the check in location on time.


            - This Outing will be an All Species Outing
            - All fish caught will be donated to the Mission
            - Fish can be caught by using any legal tackle
            - All members who participate in this Outing will be recognized
                  by name at the annual Awards Dinner.
            - Anyone who wishes to fish the Roanoke Rapids Lake (Old Lake)
                  may do so for this Special Outing.        
            - Only members in good standing with dues paid will receive points
            - The outing season will run from March through November
            - Two outings per month except as noted in section 3 above
            - Outings will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month
                 except as noted in schedule.
            - All fish reported must be caught in Lake Gaston on the day of the Outing
            - Check in for all Outings will be at Morning Star Marina except
                as noted in schedule
            - Must comply with all boater safety regulations
            - Have a valid NC or VA fresh water fishing license
            - Must exhibit fair play and sportsmanship
            - Assign sequence or rod responsibilities for others on their boat
            - Report to the check in location on time
            - Properly complete all parts of the outing report card and submit to an
                   authorized fishing committee member or club officer.
            - Offer to contribute to the boat expenses

            - All awards will be in the form of gift cards or certificates
            - Only members in good standing qualify for club awards
            - Youths that participated in any club outing will be awarded a club hat
                 that will be given to the boat owner for distribution to the youth.
            - Awards will be presented at the December club meeting. Winners need
                not be present.
            - Awards will be given for the highest total points and largest stripers


Note:  1 - Ties will be broken by the Highest Number of Fish Points.
            2 - If the tie is the result of equal fish points tie will be broken
                  by largest fish by length.
            3 - If the tie is still not broken, call it "Officially Tied",
                   combine the two awards and divide equally. 


Note:  1 - Ties will be broken based on total striper outing points.
            2 -  If the tie is the result of equal Total Points break the tie with 
                   Total Fish Points. 
            3 - If the tie is still not broken, call it "Officially Tied", combine the two
                   awards and divide equally.  

Note 2: A member may only receive one big fish award.

            -Fish reporting can only be done using the prepared forms provided at the check in by the fishing committee representative or club officer.  Each member is responsible for the information required. Incomplete or illegible forms will be discarded.

            - Stripers caught during any non-striper outing are NOT eligible for fish points or big fish awards


            - Lowell Gainer, Chairman
            - Jay Eubanks
            - Frank DeJesu
            - Scott Miller
            - John Dunn
            - Jim Nold
            - Gary Beyer
Download Offical copy of Rules
Printable Schedule
March 22                                            ENDING at NOON
April 12                                               ENDING at NOON
April 26                                               ENDING at NOON
May 10                                                ENDING at NOON
May 24                                                ENDING at NOON
June 14                                                ENDING at 11:00 AM
June 28                                                ENDING at 11:00 AM
July 12                                                 ENDING at 11:00 AM

July 20 Thurs. (Fishin' for the Mission) ENDING at NOON
                                                     check in at Robert Wilson’s

July 26                                                 ENDING at 11:00 AM
August 9                                             ENDING at 11:00 AM

August 17 Thurs. (Fishin' for the Mission) ENDING at NOON
                                                     check in at Robert Wilson’s

August 23                                           ENDING at 11:00 AM
September 13                                    ENDING at NOON
September 27                                    ENDING at NOON
October 11                                          ENDING at NOON
October 25                                          ENDING at NOON
November 8                                        ENDING at NOON
Fishing Awards
- Members with the highest top 10 accumulated points (Participation + Fish Points) will earn awards as follows  :
- 1st place $100.00 plus plaque
- 2nd place $75.00
- 3rd place $50.00
- 4th place $50.00
- 5th place $50.00
- 6th through 10th $30.00

 -There will be 3 big fish awards based on striper length.
The award will be in the form of a gift card or certificate.
- First Place $100.00 plus plaque
- Second Place $50.00
- Third Place $25.00

-The boat captain shall receive an award of $25 when a club member catches one of the big fish (1st, 2nd,or 3rd place) while fishing from their boat.