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You can always Contact The WebMaster and Ask him.  The last resort is to delete your original resistration and Re-register. If prearranged with the webmaster it can be quick and painless.  

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Click "Verify"​
Follow the instructions. In this example
1)  Click Arrows to rotate color Wheel
(final color does not make a difference)

2)  Click [Done]. The wheel will be replaced with a random Advertisment (ignore it)

3)  Do Not forget to hit [Submit] at the bottom.  The system will then give you a message that the reset email has been sent.​
The email will be from: ProBoards   
and will look something like this: 

Clicking the Blue link will take you to a webpage where you can "Create" and "Verify" a new password.

After Clicking [Continue] you will get a Confirmation that the password has been changed.  


If your browser asks you at this point if you would like to save the password, say YES. While I do not recomend this for secure passwords (bank, broker, email), there are no grand state secrets stored here. The password is just to keep the rif-raf out.


  (Changing Profile)  

Edit your Profile 
Since we use a general Forum for the private side of the website there are more profile settings than any of our membership are likely to use. ​

However there are a few that you may find useful

First Step is to Login to the Members Only part of the website (for help with this see Login Help above)

Near the upper Left Corner of the Main Forum Page you will find a series of menu buttons.  The 5th one should be "Profile"

Clicking Profile 
Will bring up your profile summary

Next you will find the "Edit Profile" Button near the top right of this window (Click it)

In the Edit Profile mode 
You are finally ready to make changes to your Profile

As Previouly mentioned the average Striper Club member will have no need to Adjust many of the profile settings availble.  

I will go through them here to point out the ones that I have found useful.

Avatar Tab 
You will start on the Avatar Tab. This is where you can change the picture that represents you from the default grey alien looking guy to anything  you choose. Only limitation are file must be less than 1 MB.  Some people use a photo, or a logo, your choice. (keep it PG)

Personal Tab
This is where the "Display Name" is set. We as a group agreed to keep this set to our real names.  No one should be posting anything that they are not willing to have there name associated with.  You can also change your email address (please let membership know separately") and your password. Various other optional information.

Social Tab
This tab allows you to share your ID on other social media sites. All completely optional

Settings Tab
Various settings controling behavior of forum website
(I did not find much of use here)

Privacy Tab
I recomend changing several of the default settings here to make your profile information a little more private. 
Who can View my Profile:  set to- Members only
Email Visibilty:  Set to- Share with registered Users

Notifications Tab
I like to get an email when someone posts a Fishing Report. That is done by setting the 
New Thread and New Post  Notification Types to:
If our forum had more traffic I might use one of the other settings so that it was not filling up my email inbox, but for now this works for me. 

Badges Tab
We are not currently useing Badges, so nothing of interest here. 

Posting to the private side of website is EASY
and can be done by ANY registered Club member. 

A few simple things to remember:

1) The private side of the website (or Forum)
     refers to posting as "Creating a Thread"

2) The most common place for members to post will
     be "Fishing Reports"

3) Feel free to include photo's (or Video)
    (the only catch is the file must be less than 1 MB)

4) Please Give details, Where, When, with what, under
     what conditions ?

     (that is what others are interested in)

5) Keep it PG

6) Do not forget to hit "Create Thread" 
     when you are finished

Graphical Guide to Posting:

Open Forum Topic  ("Fishing Reports" here)
Click "Create Thread" button
Type in your post, add photos (optional, keep under 1 MB)